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Stage OneStage Two
0:00 UTCRecessions, Inflations, and Business, Oh My! (No, we aren’t in Kansas anymore!)
Speaker: Nev Harris
What is Staging and How to Use It If You’re Not a Developer
Speaker: Karishma Sundaram
1:00 UTCTransformation from Stressful to Stress-Free Person with the Help of Online Communities
Speaker: Lax Mariappan
Use Storytelling to Convert More Clients
Speaker: Manmeet Kaur
2:00 UTCCommunity InterviewsAchieving a Virtuous Circle of Collaboration in WordPress Remote Teams
Speaker: Miguel Axcar
3:00 UTCBreak/NetworkingBreak/Networking


4:00 UTCHow to Build a WordPress Plugin Business
Speaker: Adrian Tobey
Introduction to the WordPress REST API
Speaker: Cameron Jones
5:00 UTCConquering Imposter Syndrome
Speaker: Wil Brown
Unleashing Your Unstoppable Confidence
Speaker: Meshell Baker
6:00 UTCCommunity InterviewsFinding Your Focus in an Age of Distraction
Speaker: Allie Nimmons
7:00 UTCBreak/NetworkingBreak/Networking


08:00 UTCTime Management Successes (and Failures)
Speaker: Ken Elliot
WordPress as a Paintbrush: an Introduction to Internet Art Speaker: Rachel Winchester
09:00 UTCHow Parenting Neurodivergent Kids Made Me a Better Developer
Speaker: Kristina Louise Treadwell
How to Make Margin and Live the Life You Want
Speaker: Russ Cantu
10:00 UTCCommunity InterviewsDark Patterns in WP Design
Speaker: Teresa Gobble
11:00 UTCBreak/NetworkingBreak/Networking


12:00 UTCGrowing Your Agency or Business Internationally
Speaker: Ankush Mittal
WordPress and Web3 Trends (Disruption, Challenges, Opportunities)
Speaker: Dave Lockie
13:00 UTCIs the Era of WP Themes Coming to an End?
Speaker: Jakob Trost
Supercharging Your Website with Custom Post Types and Custom Fields
Speaker: Jeffery Yaw Owusu-Ansah
14:00 UTCCommunity InterviewsMaking Connections: The Joy of Organizing the Local Community
Speaker: Simon Kraft
15:00 UTCBreak/NetworkingBreak/Networking


16:00 UTCCreate a “Link Tree” Type of Page on Your WordPress Website
Speaker: Cathy Mitchell
How to Get the Most Out of Any Online or In-Person Event
Speaker: Debra Eckerling
17:00 UTCA Candid Conversation on Community Organizing in Open Source
Speaker: AmyJune Hineline
Become Known as a Subject Matter Expert Online
Speaker: James Strang
18:00 UTCCommunity InterviewsTransforming the Effects of Anger and Anxiety, One Brain at a Time
Speaker: Karen Thompkins
19:00 UTCBreak/NetworkingBreak/Networking


20:00 UTCHow to “Crash Proof” Your WooCommerce
During High Traffic Events

Speaker: Tom Fanelli
How to Stay Ahead of Your Business Blog Forever
Speaker: Randy Clark
21:00 UTCEmotional Safety in the Workplace
Speaker: James Giroux
Ignite Your Creative Flow While Working Remote
Speaker: Suki Eleuterio
22:00 UTCBuild Your Own Distraction Deactivator
Speaker: D.J. Billings
When the Pressure is On (and It’s Always On)
Speaker: Suzanne Nadell
23:00 UTCCommunity InterviewsWhy You Aren’t the Ally You Think You Are
Speaker: Topher DeRosia