How to Stay Ahead of Your Business Blog Forever

Remember that blog your organization began? You set up a WordPress site, attached it to your website, and posted a few blogs, and then it went forgotten. The last new post was published in November … of 2020. There just isn’t enough time to blog and there’s always something that takes priority. However, maintaining your blog is critical on many levels not the least of which is SEO (search engine optimization). In this presentation I’ll share a system for content management that works.
In 2010 I struggled to publish one new post a week. I even got behind. Now I post six blogs per week on and I’m currently three months ahead. I learned this through trial and error with plenty of wrong turns and mistakes on the way, which I can help others avoid. I can show how to do the same. You’ll leave the presentation with a basic plan of your own to get ahead of your blog and stay there.

I’ll Covers: Why blog, how often, and what about, as well as how to never run out of blog ideas, Making your blog attractive to readers, blog planning and promotion, and how to use an editorial calendar.
And, I’ll put you to work! This presentation involves action plans that you’ll work on during the presentation and take away to improve the consistency, subject matter, and quality of your business blog.

20:00 UTC (Find your local time at