Achieving a Virtuous Circle of Collaboration in WordPress Remote Teams

WordPress is a very complex product, and building solutions for large-scale highly scalable and secure digital platforms can be very challenging. Team members often have different backgrounds working with WordPress, and as backend and frontend are in the same codebase, frequently a task involves a lot of context, creating noise and friction on communication specially for remote teams, sometimes leading to rework.

This talk intends to present the Position Checks, a communication practice which brought a step forward on communication to Human Made, a fully remote award-winning global WordPress agency. It’s a simple idea that can be presented in a small talk, but it ends up creating a strong virtuous circle of collaboration, which is quickly spread to the whole team.

Beyond the concept, the talk will include some practical examples, presenting how it could reduce struggles, save development time in a sprint, make the team’s efforts more efficient, increase the community/collaboration feeling and reduce costs related to communication.

02:00 UTC (Find your local time at
Stage Two