Adrian Tobey

Adrian Tobey is a founder of a multi-award winning tech start up and great story to share.

Adrian Tobey has been featured on WP Builds, Authority Magazine, WP Founders, MixErgy, WPTonic, Atarim Summit, WPMayor, WP Watercooler, LMScast, WP Plugins A-Z, Automation Rehab,, Trailblazer, How I Built It, and many more!

As the son of entrepreneurs, he credits his parents for giving him the thirst of entrepeneurship. His parents deployed an Internet marketing training business way back in 2001. Adrian tagged along to those training sessions and learned quite a bit about marketing during his formative years.

By the age of 16, he worked as an assistant trainer in some of the marketing sessions.

And when he wasn’t training people on how to succeed, he built WordPress sites and integrated CRMs.

At 18, he became an InfusionSoft Certified Partner and Certified Trainer. He used that skill set to produce hundreds of sales funnels for his parents’ clients.

It was during that time that he also built and monetized his first WordPress plugin: It still sells “form styling” to more than 1,000 InfusionSoft (now Keap) customers.

At the age of 21, he dropped out of University to launch his own venture in 2018: Groundhogg.

The Groundhogg plugin is a CRM (customer relationship management) and marketing automation tool built for WordPress websites.

Groundhogg currently serves 3000+ customers world-wide and has won numerous awards including:

2020 Gold Stevie Award for Tech Start Up of the Year
2021 Gold Stevie Award for Sales & Customer Service in CRM small business suite category
2021 Nominee for Young Entrepreneur of the Year Canadian SME National Business Award
2021 Nominee for Small Business of the Year Canadian SME National Business Award