WordPress and Web3 Trends (Disruption, Challenges, Opportunities)

In this talk, Dave gives a whistle stop tour of the web3 universe – what is web3? What are DAOs, NFTs, smart contracts, Layer 2s and DeFi?

He then moves on to focus on why this matters to WordPress. What are potential disruptors? Should we be scared or excited? Or both? What are some of the things that will likely be challenging? What might some of the opportunities be? What can WordPress teach the web3 community in return?

David’s suspicion is that web3 will disrupt web2 (and humanity) to its core, helping us to ask good questions about the institutions we’ve built up and what we need going forward.

The talk combines zoomed out, blue sky thinking with practical advice and guidance as well as introducing a number of ways in which the WordPress community can learn more about web3 and start to get involved.

12:00 UTC (Find your local time at worldtimebuddy.com)