Karishma Sundaram

Karishma’s first brush with WordPress was back in 2008, where she managed content for an agency. Over the course of the next few years, she drew together a collective of designers and developers, and built sites for a variety of clients.

Although she studied coding, Karishma preferred to take the creative route and become a content writer. That is how she found a happy niche in the SaaS startup ecosystem in India, creating a bridge between tech and the people it is designed to help.

She now heads content at BlogVault, a 10+ year WordPress-focused company. BlogVault is on a mission to make WordPress maintenance accessible for everyone, regardless of tech ability. BlogVault builds solutions to help people, and thus contributes to the WordPress community in a meaningful way.

In her spare time, Karishma devours books, loves to experiment with recipes. She taught French at Alliance Française for a while, and is also on a quest to learn as many (human) languages as possible.