How to “Crash-Proof” Your WooCommerce During High Traffic Events

Your site may not have crashed during a Black Friday in the past, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future. Black Friday, flash sales, email blasts, and viral social posts could all lead to a crashed site (and lots of lost revenue) if thorough preparation isn’t done. Tom Fanelli, the CEO of Convesio will explain a proven process for ensuring success when preparing for a high traffic web event. From planning, to the most critical part, load testing, to handling issues the day of the event, you will get the blueprint to making sure your WooCommerce website has a successful Black Friday.

We will cover the following: planning and preparation techniques, load testing techniques, troubleshooting performance bottlenecks, what performance metrics you should be monitoring, determining the right tech stack for your hosting (servers, CDN’s, databases, etc), and real-world examples and performance metrics.

20:00 UTC (Find your local time at