The festival of WordPress
January 22, 2021

This is an archive of the January 2021 event

January 22, 2021

On January 22, 2021, Big Orange Heart delivered the first-ever WordFest Live.

With almost 2,500 Attendees registered, the event surpassed all expectations. The pages linked here are an archive of that event.

You can catch up on all the Sessions via the Schedule, review the Speakers and find out which Sponsors supported the event.

If you’re are looking for the current WordFest Live event, please hit the homepage

The Schedule

To catch up on every WordFest Live 2021 session from our January 22, 2021 event, use the Schedule below. 

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January 22, 2021

The journey:

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What is WordFest Live

WordFest Live is a celebration of YOU, the WordPress community, with talks about WordPress, remote working, and mental health, too.

We’re also excited to add virtual stage, tents and groups for networking and fun conversation. 

As well as some special “extras” thrown in for a truly festive time!

Ask away

Frequently Asked Questions

January 22, 2021.  But if you want to get technical about it; we start January 21, 2021, from 23:00 UTC.  You see, it depends where you are in the world.  WordFest Live is a 24-hour event, which will move between timezones:


  • We start in Oceania at 10 AM - 4 PM AEDT, January 22, 2021.
  • Then onto Asia arriving 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM IST.
  • Next up it's EMEA at 11 AM through 5 PM UTC.
  • Finally arriving in the Americas 12 PM until 6 PM EST.


Of course, the event is virtual, so you can join us at any time and in any location.  How fun is that!

All over the world, all at the same time.  WordFest is omnipresent!  This just gets better.


So to join the festival, you’ll need to register, we’ll then send you a magical link that will let you jump on board our global festival via the interwebs.  

On a slightly more practical note; WordFest is an online festival and will take place right here, at WordFest.Live!

About 6-24 hours of your life.  You won’t have to hand over any of your hard-earned cash though.  Tickets are free!


There is an optional $10 donation that can be made when registering.  We’d be over the moon if you selected this option, it will help us continue to provide free well-being and mental health support in remote work communities.  But it isn't necessary to do so to claim your ticket.

Nope, because there’s nothing to refund.  Tickets are 100% free.  


An optional donation can be made to Big Orange Heart when you select your ticket but the tickets themselves are free, zero, nothing, not-a-one!  Cha-ching!

Yes, 100% without a doubt, please do! 


If you have something to share with the community, we want to know about it. You can apply right here on the website. Although we won't be able to accept all applications (due to a limited number of sessions) we want to hear your ideas! You can apply under the Open Calls tab at the top of this page.


We want to ensure there is representation from each of the continents we’ll be delivering WordFest from, so please hit that speaker registration now.

You know how this goes… hand your marketing budget, we’ll throw up a logo.


No, no, no, no.  We can not stand this model.  We recognise times are different and so we’ve developed a truly social experience for our attendees.  We want to see how we can partner with you to keep building on this best experience, for all involved.  


If you want to join us as a partner of WordFest, we’re very open to ideas and discussions.  We have to ensure this is mutually beneficial for you, the attendees and us the charity. 

We love WordCamp!  We’re a team of WordCamp organisers.  We wholeheartedly support and encourage WordCamp.  But we’re delivering this event, in part, to raise awareness as well as funds for Big Orange Heart.  BOH is a registered charity with a mission to support and promote positive well-being and mental health within remote working communities.  


WordCamps do not permit fundraising for specific charitable organisations and as such we are delivering this event independently.

100% of your donations will go directly to Big Orange Heart.  This will enable the continued growth of free well-being and mental health support for the remote working community.  If you’re interested to know more about how funds are used, please see