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January 22, 2021

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How to Be a Tech Support Warrior

The most tricky side of the product or a company is tackling technical support and make the customers happier with your service. Yes, there’s a narrower scope of issues you’re likely to encounter, but those customer issues are likely to need a more specialized touch and understanding to resolve. In this session, I’ll share some tips and experiences that I’ve learned, especially for beginners, to help them start with this job and troubleshoot the customer’s queries.

Speaker: Nidhi Jain

Time: 9:00am UTC
Region: Asia
Stage: Fused Stage

Hello, everyone. I hope you all are safe in the current time. So let me introduce myself and Nidhi Jain and I’m a developer blogger and , uh, currently working as a technical support specialist at Awesome Motive so today I’m going to talk, talk about how to be a tech support warrior. So we all know that the most sticky side of the product and services is a text or technical support to make the customer happier.

And , uh, but like with that service , uh, there’s a narrow, narrow scope of the issues that you’re likely encounter, but some of the issues , uh, like are likely to need a more specialized specialization touch. So in this session, I will share some tips that will help. Do the , uh, the geeks who wants to join the technical support role and , uh, or maybe recently joined, joined the technical support team.

So let’s, let’s start. So, first of all , uh, like what is technical support rule? Just in general, maybe we can see the , uh, technical support as to the services that antitrust provide to use technology products or services, or we can see , uh, pro provide support. Technically it helps , uh, helps regarding specific problem with a product or services rather than providing a special training or customization of the product and support services.

So no Y decks technical support is most important part of the products and services because , uh, technical support means providing support for, for our products and services. And it, uh , um, mainly the technical support team are responsible for handling errors, user issues and other technical problems. That prevents or generally prevents the customer from , uh, using our products.

So especially tech-support focuses on helping customers to use the product more effectively and make them happier. So now let’s talk about what are the responsibilities of our technical support specialist. So he had the responsibilities that generally technical support specialists do , uh, handling the customers, use users’ queries or testing, bug reports, sometimes a user reports, a bug that we need to assure that , uh, it exists.

And then if , uh, the issue is confirmed, then we can pass them to their development team with the detail. Then the next is quality assurance testing. We all need. We need to make sure that our product is , uh, with all the issues , uh, fixed that , uh, by the, your, you use the reporting. The next run is a breeding and creating tutorials and the documentation, the next writing code snippet to solve one of problems.

Sometimes , uh, it are writing code snippet is help to , uh, help us and to user, to , uh, solve the issues quickly. The next is communicating with the team and supporting his bills and Jack , uh, Jack audios and videos with us communication with the team is the most important part, part of the tech or technical support or the other , uh, other role.

And the next is provide prominent, accurate feedback to customers. The next part is the challenges. So, what are the challenges are technical support specialist, offices, and , uh, in his rule.

So he had are the challenges that , uh, that , uh, generally the , uh, technical support specialist or face and in, in that, in his role, So like angry customers, losing the trust of customers , uh, sometimes customer request , uh, this , uh, requested a scout and if he can’t get, so how can we handle , uh, and customer request for a feature, uh , and, and our product.

When a customer asks a question and we can, I’ll send it. How can we , uh, handle that? And backlog of carries that is the most important. There’s a backlog of berries. Uh, that is , uh, usually face , uh, face everything. And if your product isn’t right for customer like that, that is not necessarily that our products , uh, product is always the , uh, right for the , uh, for everyone.

So in that situation, how can we explain a customer or how can we help them? So let’s talk about M uh, about them in detail. So first is an angry customer. We all know that if you are to support VI or you will come across angry, angry customers, some of them are upset because, because they can be confused and some of them upset because.

A mistake made by , uh, us and, or maybe a company. And of course the last one, because, uh , some, some are simply having a bad, bad day. So how can we resolve them? So, first of all, here, like let, let the customer tell their whole story and , uh, without any interruption. And , uh, uh , so, so we , uh, like they can explain , uh, what are the issues they are facing in our product and like , uh, and it will, it will also help us to understand all the situation and then we, then we can provide a solution for that.

So, first of all, let’s hear here to them and then. Then the sec , uh, then the second is , uh, let’s , uh, pull up, apologize to apologize to them. Uh, like you can generally be apology apologize for the , uh, via your customer field. Uh, the third one is resolved. So yeah. Yes, we, you can, uh , uh, you can resolve the issue with me or don’t, and don’t be afraid to ask that the users and , uh, the law, the fourth one is , uh, diagnosed like help explain why the issue occurred and.

Uh, how can , uh, how can we prevent them , uh, for the future , uh, future. So we can , uh, explaining the dance. They take care of that, uh , in, in the future.

So the next is losing the trust of customers. Don’t you think it’s really scary? Like , uh, if , uh, if we are working, uh , uh, as an agency and , uh, using it , uh, who users and customers are using our products. So if we are losing them, that is that, that is the most scary part of it. So. If you don’t , uh, if you don’t know why , uh, what is happening with , uh, like the, the , the, the issue, or , uh, if you don’t know what is happening with , uh, with the issue, so we can apologize to the customer , uh, for what work they are, what they are going through, our ma art, like they had a bad, a bad, bad experience with our products and services.

Right. So because, uh , you, you know, you don’t work because , uh, the apology apology , uh, helped us to ope , uh, helps us to , uh, open the door for forgiveness and , uh, yeah, that, that. No, it doesn’t matter that we are apologizing because yeah, it is totally understand, understandable for users that we are working on it.

And we are apologetic apologizing for them. Do not over communicate every time for those for single grade, because it will , uh, it will irritate to that the customer and. Because , uh, and if he, if you’re still working on that, you can , uh, let the user know. Yes, yes we are working and yes, we’ll , uh, we will pull up

next one is a customer requested discount. We can give some , uh, sometimes giving a discount or a discount or for my beep or deviation in the forecast, the customers that they need to find finally, by buying the product from you. On the other side, it can be at risk because sometimes people don’t like the, to hear the word new.

So , uh, you can , uh, let me make it clear that Y you can offer , uh, the , the, the discount. Yeah.

So the next one as the , uh, if a customer request a feature to bear, like most of the time , uh, like we get more many grades that , uh, like if you, if you can , uh, build that feature, it will help , uh, help us to use in our website. And so something else. So how can , uh, how can we , uh, response to that, that user Posen?

If like, if we know that the , uh, we have a limited resource, so , uh, but we can’t say no. Like, so , uh, like that, sorry, so sorry. We can’t bring back feature where we can simply say in a positive way. Uh, then yes. Well, we , uh, we will, uh , share, share, share your feedback with our development team. And , uh, yes, of course we will look, look into this work of future.

So most, most the time we need to make sure that our response , uh, should be positive and, uh , uh, maybe some , uh, sometimes it can be personal. So yeah, like in a friendly way that , uh, that , uh, user don’t take , uh, like don’t take it negative be so, so , uh, we need, we need to make sure that.

So the next one is a customer asks a question. You can’t, you can’t answer sometimes. Uh, sometimes the user queries , uh, can be too confusing for us because , uh, there’s a, there’s a sick , uh, good support is not, uh , uh, isn’t uh, no knowing about the, about the right answer. It just only about to finally find the right answer so we can , uh, we can tell the user customer that we, yes, we will find the right answer and follow up with them.

so the next one is backlog of grace. Uh, this is the most , uh, like this is the, this is my favorite challenge because, uh , it, it happens all, uh , uh, like it is a common occurrence for a support teams, especially on Monday mornings because we get , uh, many , uh, many writers are in , uh, supporting books can be full.

And , uh, there’s no way be a flake baby can be , uh, B uh, they are able to resolve all the queries very fast. But, but like we , uh, we need to make sure that we can , uh, like we can respond to everyone because most of the users , uh, have been waiting for , uh, have been waiting for a day or more. So, yeah, we , uh, we can focus on responding rather than what is the only thing.

So the last one is your product. Isn’t right. For everyone. We , uh, we get many , uh, we can get many varies. Like your product is not useful for me. So, yeah, that’s fine because the, that doesn’t matter if our product is not , uh, not , uh, useful for some , uh, someone because all , uh, user always meet , uh, needs of products or service that fulfill their requirements.

So it’s totally fine. If not, if our product isn’t right for them. So , uh, like we can say thanks or thanks and thank you for , uh, giving us , uh, chance. Uh, also we can provide , uh, bare better the alternative if we know, and , uh, the we can also , uh, response , uh, doing , uh, uh , in, in a pause, positive and appreciate , uh, appreciating me.

So these , uh, like these, all, these are the challenges we , uh, like , uh, the technical service support specialist fee or face and in his rule. So now , uh, now let’s we talk about , uh, let’s talk about , uh, common mistakes and how to avoid them. So these are the mistakes, like generally happens. And also I have also experienced these , uh, issues.

So I’m, uh , uh, I’m going to talk about here. Like , uh, the first one is dark delay in response. Uh, like we need to make sure that we , uh, respond to the user and customer , uh, smart , uh, or respond, respond on time. Uh, the second is rolling after making a mistake. So yet the, that should or should not be fine because , uh, we need to apologize if we are, if we are making a mistake, so , well, we need, we need to apologize and then make sure that there’ll be , uh, we will resolve that.

The third one is using support templates to see response in each and every query. So that does , uh, that the saved response will not fix , uh, every , uh, each and every query, because every time we get a new , uh, new and , uh, w UN other issue , uh, issues. So we need, we need to , uh, reply according to them. The next one or forgetting to acknowledge your repeat, repeat clients.

If , uh, if we know that the person , uh, came again again to us, so don’t forget that. And , uh, And let’s welcome again to him and the respond accordingly that yes, we will resolve , uh, again , uh, query and yeah. Uh , try, try to make them happier.

The next one is trying to win an argument. And, but that, but that like don’t you meant with the client because yes, they are using a product and services. So yet, like we are responsible to make them happier. So , uh, we , uh, shouldn’t uh, with the client, we just need to try to , uh, help them to resolve their queries and I’m happier.

So the next one is failing to keep any promise. Like , uh, in some , uh, like sometimes we say , uh, okay, I’ll do , uh, yes, I , uh, I definitely, uh , uh, dissolved this , uh, I know the day or maybe in no, in a few hours. So don’t , uh, yeah. I be , uh, VV can say, yes, we will work on it one or two day, or maybe of, or maybe , uh, if you have, if you are sure that yes, we will dissolve into , uh, in a few hours or the end of the day, then we , uh, we’ll need to need to protect life.

Otherwise don’t , uh, don’t uh, like keep any promise that, that big , uh, vivid, uh , uh, fulfill.

This one is or looking the basics. Some, sometimes the issue can be really basic or general, and we are like no envy or , uh, the over-communicating, uh that’s and we’re looking to the big , uh, just basically you, so you need to take care of that because it will confuse the user customer if, uh , Uh, if we are replying , uh, without reading all the details of that issue, uh , the, the user , uh, user is facing.

So we need to read all the information provided by the user and then no response to him. So these are the common mistakes that , uh, that we need to avoid them. So, The last one is , uh, now I’m , uh, sharing this , uh, some tips that , uh, that will , uh, that can help work on your back on your tech support role. So the first, first one is be motivational and passionate about your work.

So every , uh, every time, yes, if we are  uh, are, motivational and passionate. So we can , uh, like if, if we could , uh, If they, if you get the book ready, so yes, we will , uh, help them , uh, very quickly and easily. So the second man is late to the real time example in some cases because , uh, uh , What, what happened sometimes?

Like we , uh, we get ready. So , uh, I always think like if I wasn’t the situation and know, I , uh, if I , uh, I asked this girl, I asked this question, so , uh, what, uh , uh, I expect, so , uh, all this , uh, so , uh, uh , it, it helps to really relate to the real time examples. So the next one is identify the issue. First, if you get the grace that a user, a user is really confused , uh, they’re confused, confusing, and , uh, like they’ll hit , uh, like he really worked hard on deck to the down deck.

So yes, first of all, that either identified the issue first and then try to dissolve

for one is the, uh , uh, avoid game. So sometimes you use a user can be technical, but , uh, but still , uh, if it’s big , uh, but still they can flow. They can be confused about like, Oh, there’s all the credits. So like, we need to make sure that the people want confuse the user and , uh, help , uh, help them in a factory.

The next is have sufficient self service option of Liberty. Uh, try to make, make sure that , uh, Well to make them make them happier. Uh , like, yes. Uh, okay. I okay. I , uh, the resort on, on, at my site. So be yes, if you , uh, if you know that, that the guide or , uh, some , uh, Uh , some, some , uh, will help , uh, help him. So, yeah.

It’s well, you know, you can share , uh, share that and , uh, tell them to try or try to try that guide on board. So yeah, so it will help , uh, help help them.

The next one is encourage customers to follow up with you. Always , uh, try to rephrase your , uh, you know , uh, response that cust uh, so customer fee that , uh, the, that they are , uh, that they are not talking to , uh, you know, uh , uh, more, uh , like, like they, they are not talking to a machine. Uh , they, they are talking to a human, so yeah, it will , uh, encourage the customers to follow up with you again.

And, And the last don’t hesitate to get help from your team. Sometimes we , uh, we all, uh , we, we know, and I also has , uh, sometime has to , uh, get help from, uh , uh, from team like. Uh, yeah, it’s just the basic issue. How should , uh, like how can , uh, them ask them for help? So don’t hesitate to get help from your team.

They are always , uh, always there to help you. So he just, just keeping in mind that , uh, the team , uh, is , uh, the team is of labor for you, focus on your work , uh, be motivational passionate, and just, just go, just go for it.

Okay. So , uh, thank you everyone. Uh, I hope the , uh, this session will help. TO the Geeks who recently joined the tech technical support team and, uh , or, or maybe , uh, wants to, uh , join, join the, the, that role. So I hope that , uh, the session will help them. Thank you so much.

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