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January 22, 2021

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How to Internationalize Your eCommerce Store

Learn how to overcome your ecommerce store internationalization challenges. We’ll review the best practices to help you expand into new markets with your e-commerce website.

Speaker: Thomas Fanchin

Time: 4:00pm UTC
Region: EMEA
Stage: Global Stage

All right. So everyone, my name is Tomas and the partnership manager. Weglot the physician plugin for WordPress. Today, we are here to talk about how to internationalize your e-commerce store , uh, which is an amazing topic.

If you’re planning to , uh, expand your business to another country or another region in 2021. So let’s start with some numbers. So free numbers, 4.5 billion. That’s actually the number of , uh, active internet users all around the world. Uh, 57%. That’s the number of individual shoppers who bought products outside of their home country in 2019.

And so using our base it’s , uh, more than one out of two. And 900 million industry, even number of customers who are expecting to purchase projects internationally on the web in 2020. So these are really, really huge number. There’s definitely a market to take advantage of. And we are here to show you. So let’s start with, we’re going to talk about 4 keys to internationalize your e-commerce store.

We’re going to talk about , uh, language shipping and logistics, currency, and payment and low and taxes. Let’s start over with language. I won’t buy if I won’t buy, if I will. I can’t read so about that. So I won’t buy, if I can’t read, I can’t read, I should. Let me drink some water right ahead.

All right. I won’t buy if I can’t read. So a state like that , uh, it sounds obvious language and translation of first thing to think about when starting the internet internationalization process. I’m going to have some stronger struggle with that word. And so the first question, but you want to think about is how to actually choose which languages to add to your store.

And you have two ways of doing it. If you’re targeting a specific country or region, you will pick your store language accordingly. For example , uh, if I have my cat food store in Paris and I’m targeting the Spanish market, so attacking Spain, for example, I’m going to pick , uh, Spanish as the condition of my store.

And , uh, the other way of doing it is actually , uh, taking a look at your . So I’m glad it takes, you can , uh, look at the top three languages. Your visitors are actually in, in, and then pick , uh, your language accordingly and posit your store. Um, so this will just , uh, two ways of picking your , uh, language. Uh , uh, for your store , um, what you , after, after thinking about the language , uh, you must think about like your concession.

What are you going to use? Is it can be like machine pulsation , uh, or you can do that, or you can pick, or you can use actually manual translation and choose a option to say, talk to  or just mix both. And, uh , um, and choose for example, automatic translation for the, the less , um, the less important pages and peak , uh, manifestation for the most important pages, for example , uh, your most , um, your most popular products.

So, yes. Um, I’m sorry, the noise around. It’s my cat playing. So , um, on WordPress, what is amazing is that you have a lot of tools that can add you to actually , uh, concept your website. Uh, one of his tools is , uh, we got, I’m going to show you an example of , uh, Oh, it looked like on a website. So if this is actually one of our customer’s website, and if you go down there, so the button it’s actually let me close that, where it’s actually belong with Russia.

So it’s customizable, but now it’s your customer actually made that. It’s really easy to do it. I’m going to say the store in Italiano, for example. And so my internet connection is a little bit, so I’m at home working remotely. Here we go. So you can see that everything is translated in. Italian, which is awesome, which means that everything is working properly.

So it should go at the bottom of a saw. You can see that there’s also a currency switcher, which is really important. If you’re planning to go internationally, we’re going to speak about that later on. Uh, but yes, this was just an example of what a plugin could actually do and. So, yes, let me go back to my slides, enclosed.

Okay. Here we go. Uh, so after picking your transition plugin , uh, what you must think about is multi-lingual SEO. So multi-lingual SEO. It should not be forgotten. And, um , uh, you have like three main rules , uh, to follow according, according to Google. And if you’re using Weglot  l , uh, we are looking at magically ad for you.

You have nothing to do. So these fields have a following. I think unique and dedicated URLs. I think ASCA from text to every translated pages is going to be a real pain to do it. If you’re doing it manually because you have to add it in every pages , uh, and processing content. On service side, which means that you’re basically translated in your source code to make sure that constituted pagers are visible to birds and not only human visitors, that’s actually like to make sure that you’re waiting, but SEO juice to anything, your page, properly index on Google.

It’s really important. So also you got the language part done. Uh, you must think about , um, Shipping and logistics. I won’t buy it if you can’t ship it. So , uh, say like that, it’s really obvious. And , um, what I would say about shipping and  is. Well, it will depend on the market, but you’re targeting and you should pick your shipping partners accordingly.

So after actually you actually pick , uh, my shipping partners , uh, these are, these are the six points that you should follow to choose your shipping partner. The first one is countries and region. So you must think about what are the countries and regions that are served by the shipping, shipping Partner and pick yours, according to the countries you are targeting.

So if I’m targeting for, uh , uh, I’m going to pick up something as fun, Spain , uh, let’s see, I’m targeting , uh, UK. I want to make sure that, uh , uh, shipping, uh , uh, company that I’m using, but I’m going to use , uh, is going to be able to deliver , um, my packages in , uh, the UK, for example. Really delivery delays. Uh, so it will vary , uh, depending on the country , uh, Is there a pickup option available with the shipping partners and can my customer actually seen it deck?

Uh, I think at point for delivery tracking option , um, tracking action , uh, am I going to be able to track machines and is my customer going to be able  el , uh, to track the shipment? That’s really important too. We can ignite. So our, my customers are going to be able to receive shipment during weekends or at night and the price , uh, who is the cheapest of the most expensive, ultimately price may prove to be a final.

This either. So these were six points. Uh, but have in mind when you’re picking your shipping partners , uh, I’m going to present like a free , um, , uh, in the process of , uh, adding the best, like , uh, shipping and logistics , uh, tools for your website. So I’ve selected three of them, but there’s a lot of plug-ins on WordPress and do your search and pick the one that you feel the most at ease with.

So , uh, the WooCommerce shipping tool by Vico. So reenter interesting. You can ship orders to customers using different shipping carriers , uh, including the RCL FedEx. I think there’s also ups too. I read of their shell. You said you actually review the rates, but cost includes four different. Carriers from, from a single page, which is awesome because if you don’t have to have like information all over the place and you want to have everything in one single place, it’s amazing.

Uh, you have also WooCommerce shipping tracking process is actually track the shipment. You have a WooCommerce weight-based shipping is to add your customers, calculate the shipping costs on your website, which is great.

But the most important thing about shipping and logistics is about you need to adapt your set to our customers. And the Arby’s for example, are they are used to, uh , uh, use like pickup points , uh, do be like, like on the very. Uh, what are the liens that are accepted? And also you got that path, right? Uh, what you want to do is actually jumping to the currency and payments.

So I won’t buy if it’s not in my currency for, for any gift to you. So , uh, what is actually the challenge for Q1 send payment, but challenges to being able to sell your projects in the right currency for the countries you’re targeting and provide their preferred payment methods. So out to do it out to despair, multiple currency on your website, how we present you free a plugin, but then actually you.

Uh, doing so there’s a  multicurrency for WooCommerce and WooCommerce punches feature by will be a visa, all projects that are selected the reviews, the number of downloads. And I’ve also tried to look for plugins that were actually, but actually have a free version. So , uh, let me show you out. It looks like on one of these plugin, I’m going to be Bocomez currency switcher.

Here we go. So right now we are on the official demo site and you can see that everything is in Euro. We are going to put it in us doula, and you can also see that the multipurpose , uh, currency switcher design available , uh, That’s something that our reader, because you can match it to your website design, and what’s a similar approach of what we do at rugged, because you can actually customize your language switcher and make it much perfectly to your website design.

So I love that approach. And let me just put it in us. Dollar.

So right now you can see that it’s in us Dollar. So everything , uh, is now in which is. Awesome. Uh, so yes, Brett login , uh, multiple design , uh, for the currencies feature. And I really love it. So let’s just go back on the slides again. So as you say, it’s free, but as always like, do your search and pick the one that much your knee.

Um, so once you got that part ready, so , um, you will need the help of payment getaways to enable the payment on your website and team up with plugins to ease the process. So the most popular one or Stripe and paper about two things that you need to have in mind when you’re sitting in a payment gateway, the first thing is a number of countries supported.

And the second thing is , uh, the number of currencies that are actually available. Um, and what you can do is simply go on and look for, I have , um, the number of like, yeah, you have like all the currencies that are available, you can do the same, like on paper , uh, look at the currencies and even look at , uh, the country , uh, in countries where, uh , Uh, people’s actually available.

So there’s a lot of benefit. I think there’s 120, you know, 200 , uh, it’s actually more about what I fought , so, which is awesome. And you can do the same thing , uh, on Stripe too. And , uh, once you’ve got that part done, just select , uh, people one , uh, but is the most appropriate to the markets, but you are targeting.

So here we go. And I’m going to show you like two stuff at you. We about as always as the WooCommerce people check out them and get away  payment gateway. Uh, so one for paper, one for Stripe, which is like super cool. Uh, because you can get like , uh, depending on if they want to take me to , like, you can choose one of them.

Um, As always subjects you to carry out your own research and find what plugins, which your needs as a terms of bargain on the WordPress directory, but then actually , uh,

So she got, sorry. She got the currency and payments part done. What you’re going to want to look for is a low and taxes so I can ship it if it’s against the low refund, if a reel of cats. Yeah. Um, So , uh, let’s imagine that you are a B2B company , uh, taxes can change , uh, depending on the country of registration.

So laws and taxes , uh, vary depending on the country you are targeting and it’s important. You conduit your business accordingly and , uh, you need to adapt yourself to shipping policies, to tax policies, to customer rights policies. And let me just drink some water and yes, once you’re done , uh, it is a plugin that can actually

uh, it can actually ask you to calculate the tax in the European union. So if you are planning to, for example, to expand your business in Europe, it can really help you. Um , so, but was it for the low and taxes? So. Uh, thank you very much. Uh, for your time we have reviewed the before major keys , uh, to help you to internet internationalize your e-commerce store on WordPress language, shipping and logistics, currency, and payments, and low and taxes.

If you have any questions, reach out to me, here is my email address. Um, Of course, if you want to talk about  and send me feedback about my talk, it will be a pleasure to have a chat with you. Thanks a lot. Bye.

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