The festival of WordPress
July 23, 2021

This is an archive of the July 2021 event


Our Media Partners represent media outlets across the WordPress space.  Podcast Partners deliver podcasts focused on WordPress content.  And our Community Partners deliver regular events into the community.

Media Partners

  • esteemed
  • OS Training logo
  • Post Status
  • Robert Jacobi
  • The Repository Logo
  • WP Weekly logo
  • torque
  • unplug tech logo
  • WP Builds Logo
  • cropped wp owls logo

Podcast Partners

  • Do The Woo logo
  • Reverse Engineered logo
  • The WP Minute
  • wpmrr logo

Community Partners

  • codeytek
  • underrepresented in tech logo
  • WordPress Portsmouth - WordUp Pompey logo
  • wp hive logo
  • WP Founders