The festival of WordPress
July 23, 2021

This is an archive of the July 2021 event

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Welcome to a better WordPress Repository Experience with WP Hive.

The beauty of the WordPress ecosystem is that anyone and everyone can contribute towards overall success and glory. Today I am happy to announce the launch of something exceptional in the field of open source CMS and the thousands of plugins, that enhances the performance, look & feel of your website. Something that will allow you to find your desired plugin for WordPress but with accuracy and more relevancy.

Introducing WP Hive, the new App store for WordPress. Just like you find apps from Play Store or App Store – you can find plugins on WP Hive by different categories. Head over to the WP Hive homepage and start searching the plugin by its name. Of course, the search is predictive – the way search should be in 2020! And, as you scroll the page, a lot of really interesting information such as latest WordPress version compatibility, latest PHP version compatibility, page-speed impact, memory usage, JavaScript issues will be presented before you. You can also view how many tables the plugin has created into your WordPress database and view the different WP-Options.

Well, we are just getting started. WP Hive is not stopping there.

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