The festival of WordPress
July 23, 2021

This is an archive of the July 2021 event


WordFest Live is delivered to enable a global community to come together in a safe, environment, to help reduce isolation.  It is also an opportunity to raise funds to support the Big Orange Heart Foundation (BOH) – a non-profit focused on the well-being and mental health support for remote workers. 

Ways to get involved

There are plenty of ways to get involved in both WordFest Live and the wider BOH project.  It takes a team to deliver an international conference and this is done entirely by volunteers. 

Becoming a volunteer is a great way to get involved.  Contributing some time in the run-up to the event and during can be incredibly rewarding.

If you have the desire and means, finical support is always greatly received.  This can be in the form of a donation or as sponsorship.  Both are a great way to help grow the services that are provided by BOH and continue to enable free support. 

Take on the challenge

We have a new and exciting challenge for WordFest Live – July 23, 2021 –


We are asking WordFest attendees, WordPress enthusiasts, and supporters of mental health anywhere in the world to join us in taking not one, not two, but 24,000 steps towards mental health (it’s a big number but we can do it together!). Pledge to run/walk/hula hoop a fixed number of steps every day until the big day and share your journey with friends and colleagues. 

You can also choose to take part in our 24-hour relay where 6 participants around the globe will complete 24,000 steps between them (4,000 steps per individual).

If you would like to participate but find it difficult to exercise or have been asked to stay at home, you can pick an activity of your choice and pledge an equivalent number of steps. 

The safety and well-being of every person is of our highest priority, please undertake any activities in a safe and responsible way in line with Covid guidelines in your area. Reach out to us you need further advice or support.