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March 4th 2022
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Nate Finch

Nate Finch

Nate has been working on the web since 2011. He loves web development because it is the perfect mix of problem solving, helping people, and lifelong learning. As a Senior WordPress Engineer at Strattic.com, he helps build serverless integrations for WordPress. Prior to joining Strattic, Nate worked as VP of Development at TheDigitalRing.com, where he split his time between developing websites and developing developers. He’s spent the bulk of his web career freelancing, working with hundreds of clients through platforms like Toptal and Codeable, and even completed a brief stint as a web engineer with 10up. Nate collects masters degrees, has traveled to six continents, lived on four, speaks Spanish, and outside of work, family, friends, food, coffee, and cooking are his favorite activities. He lives in Wisconsin with his wonderful wife and two daughters.

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