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March 4th 2022
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About Big Orange Heart:

With the ever-growing number of remote workers, we are seeing an increase in people from the global community openly acknowledging they are experiencing mental health issues linked to isolation.

Big Orange Heart recognises the challenges, not only for those trying to run their own businesses but anyone working from home who encounters related activities that can contribute to the onset of mental ill-health.

Through in-person events, training, mentorship, support services and coaching, Big Orange Heart tackles these issues by employing our four Health Hubs: Skills Health, Business Health, Physical Health, and Mental Health, all equally important to support a well-balanced member of the WordPress community.

About WordFest Live 2022:

WordFest Live 2022 is an inclusive, one-day virtual event with speakers from around the world.

For a continuous 24 hours, speakers will present on one of four stages and most from their home region. The event is staffed completely by volunteers with all donations going to support Big Orange Heart, enabling the further development of the 4 Health Hubs.

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“The Big Orange Heart system already works better than pretty much every other online events platform I’ve used 😁”

Mike Wooldridge, WordFest Live attendee

“One of my passions is bringing together people and opportunities, and WordFest Live 2021 does that on so many levels. Educational topics. On-site sponsors. The chance to mingle with friends, or create new ones. It fills that in-person event element that our community thrives on. Being able to provide this event as we head into a new year feels like a breath of fresh air — a reconnection — that we all need.”

Cate DeRosia, WordFest Live marketing lead

“I love the WordPress community, and volunteering for an event like WordFest is another way to give back. I’m passionate about mental health and supporting others, and this event brings everything together in the most beautiful way. We’ve been dealing with disconnection a lot through the pandemic, and WordFest is a great way to reconnect with others globally while learning and sharing.”

Michelle Frechette, WordFest Live speaker lead

“I love helping others. Playing a part in raising funds to support mental health has given me a sense of fulfilment. What better way to start 2021 than by travelling around the world (virtually still counts) celebrating and learning about WordPress together. Sleep is optional!”

Hauwa Abashiya, WordFest Live sponsor co-lead

“WordFest Live 2021 was born out of a need, as with everything from Big Orange Heart; the need for human connection.  Over the last 9 months, a small team of volunteers have been working tirelessly to deliver a unique platform that enables people to come together in a more humanistic form than many other solutions, virtually.  The benefit of this format is indisputable; with members joining our regular meetups from almost 100 global locations, our (virtual) doors are open to you.  Learn, connect, enjoy.”

Dan Maby, WordFest Live lead organiser

I’ve had the pleasure of being part of the Big Orange Heart team for some time now. Helping others gives me a purpose and if we can help just one person in need with the funds we raise from WordFest Live 2021, then it would have all been worthwhile!

Paul Smart, WordFest Live sponsor co-lead

Having grown out of the mission of Big Orange Heart to embrace and support the WordPress and remote worker communities, WordFest Live presents a global, festive, human-centric platform for tech, business, connection, and self-care. I’m excited to participate and support this amazing community, in part because under all that tech is a warm orange heartbeat.

Jean Roth, WordFest Live volunteer

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For additional help, please contact the volunteer Marketing Team.