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March 4th 2022
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Karen Tompkins

Karen Tompkins

When Karen’s first child was born, she stopped breathing due to a rare disorder effecting her brain. It became Karen’s mission to learn all things neuroscience in order to help her daughter reach her full potential. Drawing on her 30+ years experience as a teacher, administrator and curriculum developer, she then taught thousands of students, educators and parents to understand the power of their neurochemistry and how it drives behaviours due to anxiety and anger. She shares simple but effective techniques to ‘trick your brain’ to MoveON past these intrusive behaviours. She has worked with organizations like the University of Windsor, University of Michigan, the Greater Essex County District School Board, the Ontario Secondary School Teacher Federation, the Canadian Organization of Rare Disorders, the Council of Exceptional Children and several parent advocacy groups. She is also the author of two books as well as Past-president for the international Joubert Syndrome Foundation and founder of the Canadian Joubert Syndrome group.

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