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March 4th 2022
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Never Say Never, Again

Session overview

What to expect:

How do you start over after ‘the end?’ During a once in a lifetime pandemic, we all have faced incredible times that have rocked us to our core. Join Make WordPress Accessibility Team Rep Joe Simpson as he shares a story of rebirth and hope. In 2017, five years of worsening fatigue and no answers from a team of doctors, two 100% blocked arteries and a heart event forced him to re-evaluate his life. In this inspirational presentation, we’ll discuss what happens in the days, months, and years after seemingly impossible odds? Finally, we’ll learn about how he moved through difficult times by: – Finding sanctuary in the WordPress Community; – Discovering mindfulness five minutes before sunrise; – Recovery by setting smaller, attainable goals; – Replacing negative energy with positive acts to heal yourself; and – Getting a helping hand despite your ‘best’ efforts (from organizations like Big Orange Heart, etc)

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