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July 23, 2021

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matt medeiros

Matt Medeiros

Matt Medeiros wears many hats, but the one that is the driving force for all the others is: family man. That he gets to use his passion for technology and community only makes it better.

Matt’s passion for podcasting started from working as a “computer guy” with his dad in car sales, to a leader in the tech industry helping others understand and get started in podcasting, as well as running several successful podcasts of his own. Whether he’s talking tech on the Matt Report or the WP Minute or sharing local news and events on Southcoast.FM, you can be sure that he’s having fun doing it.

But the journey from “computer guy” to podcaster didn’t happen overnight. Matt’s journey included selling computers at Circuit City, building websites with his father in their own agency, working for WordPress hosting company Pagely, and now as Director of Podcaster Success at Castos.

Matt and his dad, Mark Medeiros, realized the need for a local web agency and started building sites for others. With Matt as the “tech guy” and his dad as a photographer, they soon had their agency off and running. Matt’s dad still runs Slocum Studio, and Matt has taken on the product side of things, creating plugins where he sees a need in their client work, and in the ecosystem at large.

Their newest product, Easy Support Videos, is available in the WordPress repository. This plugin allows you to embed videos within the WordPress dashboard, a much needed fast and easy product for trainers, educators, and agencies to use to teach their clients how to accomplish their goals within their WordPress dashboard. It’s a product like this that has caused others to call Matt “innovative,” “creative,” and “reactive” to the needs of others in the community. It’s also what led him to Castos – helping solve issues and answering questions for those in podcasting.

In his role at Castos, Matt creates written, audio, and video content to help podcasters understand podcast hosting and podcast best practices. For anyone who loves podcasting as much as he does, this is a dream job. He gets to grow his own podcasts while helping others succeed at starting theirs, too. One only has to meet with him in person or on a video call to know that his passion isn’t only for his own projects, but also in the success of others. Some call those kinds of roles “evangelist” roles, but to Matt it’s just how he is – invested in the success of others.

Back to his main “hat” and reason for everything he does, Matt resides in Massachusetts with his wife, Sarah (an ICU nurse), and three children, Brock, Gunnar, and Jett. His favorite thing to do is get outdoors with his family, play with his boys, and revel in family life.


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