The festival of WordPress
July 23, 2021

This is an archive of the July 2021 event

WordPress as a Micro Service to any framework

Session overview

What to expect:

Our WordPress community has a vast amount of not just useful information but the ability to provide services based on that information. Many sites, both non-WP and WP, may find value in using this information.

Of course, JSON data can be exported and used by other sites but what if we could provide an HTML Component that would render a fully made component with access to all that information. A sort of plugin for HTML websites.

The combination of the WP REST API and Web Components, (Custom HTML tags), enable this to be done and this browser compliant architecture is trending in the world of JS Frameworks. Web Components are framework agnostic and are regular HTML tags, just one’s the browser allows us to create.

These HTML components can be used wherever there is HTML, be built in to frameworks, used as code modularity in PHP and ,being HTML , can be used in Gutenberg blocks as readymade components in lieu of creating React components.

In this talk, half the time will be used to demonstrate the technical side with the other half being used to explore the business implications. Perhaps an additional metric to the number of WordPress sites is how many sites ‘use’ WordPress as a service.

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