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July 23, 2021

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Successfully Running a Creative Business with ADHD as Your Super Power

Session overview

What to expect:

Booming with customers who fit you like a glove, in spite all of your quirkinesses. Who doesn’t want that? My life took a 180º turn when I was officially diagnosed with inattentive ADHD in my late 40’s. That was the day I stopped trying to be what people expected of me. I changed the rules. I ceased all efforts to be that perfect fitting glove for the customer, draining myself by keeping up the game of appearing as “Mrs. cool chick who has everything under control all the time.” Because all the time I was doing that, no one saw the constant panic attacks, the periods of insomnia, living on the edge of burnout, while my brain acting like PacMan on steroids.

I want to share the steps I took to communicate differently with existing and especially with new customers. They understand now that they get the best of me when they allow me to be as I am. That they get the finest of my skillset and talents if they manage to challenge me in a way that makes me go into hyperfocus. Which I basically consider to be one of the super powers of ADHD.

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