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July 23, 2021

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Reclaiming Our Time: Creating a Work-Life Balance that Serves You

Session overview

What to expect:

The pandemic has been a once-in-a-lifetime moment when nearly every person on the planet had to stop and evaluate how they operated in business and everyday life. 

Many people discovered new interests, healthier practices and greater self-awareness (and even practiced regular self-care). Others abandoned the lessons of last year as soon as the highways and personal schedules filled up again. 

They went back to not tending to self in body, mind or spirit.

One thing is for sure though. We may not see another pandemic within our lifetime (thank goodness), but our bodies and minds will demand we implement a sustainable work-life balance if we want to live life on our terms. 

During this wellness presentation, I will present healthy practices and resources from Mental Health America of Illinois where I served as Program Coordinator. 

I will also share mindfulness and creativity exercises I’ve gained as an actor and director. 

Our Problematic Reality vs. Our Healthy Ideal 

  1. There are consequences for living imbalanced 
    • Physical, Mental Health Impact – “How do I know something’s really off?” 
    • Work Production Impact – The effects on U.S. businesses.
    • Quality of Life Impact – “Why do I feel so uninspired? Just blah.”
  2. Tools to Create the Healthy Ideal 
    • Physical & Mind Health resources – Defining your Wellness Zone.
    • Work Inspired – Tools to help you work better and keep you balanced. 
    • Live Inspired – Reconnecting to the kid inside.

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