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July 23, 2021

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Making Mighty Meetups: How to Encourage Community, No Matter What the Topic

Session overview

What to expect:

Have you been thinking of ways to gather like-mined folx?

Do you currently run a meetup but have found since the pandemic, it’s been hard to keep momentum?

Are you already a member of a meetup or interest group looking for ways to make it MIGHTY?

In 2012, Alison K started the Creative Kick, a meetup for visual artists. Through trial and error, she learned a TON about community management. Which would come in handy when she started the WordPress Halifax Meetup in 2015. And then -critical- when the pandemic hit.

In this talk, she’ll give you the lowdown on how to run healthy, happy, ENGAGED meetups. Some points she’ll cover includes:

  • how to start from zero (no people, no venue, no $? No problem!)
  • how to nurture the talents and interests of core members
  • tips, tools and tricks to give energy and time back to you as an organizer
  • handling difficult/uncomfortable situations (what to do when adults… need an adult)

While this talk will focus on a WordPress meetup, note the information can apply to any interest you want to grow community around!

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