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July 23, 2021

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Maintaining Authentic Team Bonds In A Remote Setting

Session overview

What to expect:

Prior to the pandemic, the Gambit team was used to the regular in-office set up with flexible working hours and some WFH days. A big part of our office culture was being able to collaborate at a moment’s notice. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, our regular in-office routine was suddenly disrupted and our whole team needed to adjust fast. It was clear that our team had no time to gradually ease our way into a remote set up, and like everyone else, we had to switch to a 100% remote environment straightaway.

Our team struggled to remain bonded that naturally came with daily face-to-face interactions. And with almost all team members being new to the company, we had to be creative when it came to building bonds and camaraderie. No team member had met each other personally, but we somehow learned how to open ourselves to the possibility of forming relationships with people whom we’ve only met online. Have a look at how we were able to build and maintain authentic bonds with the team despite our completely remote environment.

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