The festival of WordPress
July 23, 2021

This is an archive of the July 2021 event

9 Ways to Make WordPress better with AI

Session overview

What to expect:

When we think about AI, it’s hard to tell hype from genuine utility. In reality, AI is a bundle of over 25 different technologies, ranging from the ‘everyday’ to the cutting edge. This talk uses the blade of WordPress to slice through the hype and focus on practical, achievable ways to start leveraging AI technologies into your WordPress tech stack today.

David sees the primary use cases falling into three silos: AI Enhancement, Improved Productivity and Data, Analytics & Intelligence. He’ll break these silos down into three practical examples each – using a range of solutions from integrating AI-powered 3rd party services through to direct integrations with core cognitive services from huge tech platforms.

David wants you to leave this talk feeling clearer of thought about the application (and impact) of AI technologies to WordPress-based websites and applications – and more confident in identifying achievable projects that can help you and your clients move towards utilising those technologies.

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