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March 4th 2022
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WooCommerce Automation – tips and tricks to save your time and money

Session overview

What to expect:

WooCommerce is the most popular plugin which turns a WordPress website into a highly customizable and user-friendly online store.

However, most owners of small WooCommerce stores don’t utilize its full potential and waste so much time on updates, content-entry, calculations, and other everyday tasks without realizing that they can automate them and with proper tools, they can save time and money which can sometimes make a difference between success and failure.

In this interactive lecture, we will cover the must-use tools, best practices, and tips on how you can pull the best out of a WooCommerce store and save your precious time and money by making smart investments in your WooCommerce store.

Together we will briefly go through case studies which are common in the eCommerce world, explore many different solutions suited for any skill level and get practical knowledge we can instantly use while engaging in trivia and mini-games that will challenge your eCommerce mindset.

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Andrija Radojev – WooCommerce Automation – tips and tricks to save your time and money

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Michelle Frechette: Hello, and welcome back to WordFest Live. Our next speaker is Andrija Radojev presenting WooCommerce automation, tips and tricks to save your time and money. Andrija has worked on various projects in the field of IT, which include websites, video games, and information systems. He’s the founder of the video game studio, thunder strike, which has received multiple awards at home and abroad for innovative and socially responsible projects.

He has been in WordPress development for six years. Currently enrolled as technical website builder at the GoDaddy WordPress premium support team. He’s empowering business owners and professionals to get the most out of their websites.

And you are going to be presenting live. Welcome. And how do you pronounce your name? Because I probably said it wrong.

Andrija Radojev: Andrija, you actually, you actually sent it through.

Michelle Frechette: Okay. Very close. Anyway.

Well welcome. I’m great. I’m going to, uh, they’re gonna take me off and let you have the floor. And then I will come back and meet with you afterwards. We’ll do some Q and a.

Andrija Radojev: Hey guys, my name is Andrija. And uh, now I want to talk with you about, uh, uh, how we can automate WooCommerce stores and, uh, use those we have at our disposal to, uh, to basically save time and money, uh, doing complex WooCommerce tasks that we do every day or to resolve, uh, issues that may come up. I hope you guys can see my screen. Okay. If somebody can’t see my screen, just let me know.

Uh, so let’s start shall we? First of all, uh, this topic will be, yeah. Great. Uh, so this topic will be particularly interesting, uh, to WooCommerce store owners and managers. Uh, however, it is also a very useful for WooCommerce developers who regularly work on, uh, improving WooCommerce stores and, uh, and saying, and, uh, finding ways to, to improve it.

Uh, if you have ever worked with WooCommerce as, uh, technology and the developed the websites then you probably know that, uh, making certain that, uh, that the, the process is most efficient is one of the most challenging tasks of WooCommerce. Does this, this lecture, uh, can be also useful for you. And of course I will talk about some depth technologies.

Don’t worry, guys. I’m a developer myself. I did not forget you guys. So we’re going to have a variety of topics to talk about. And, uh, also, uh, you don’t have to actually be uh, current owner of a WooCommerce store or working with WooCommerce business. Everybody who wants to do that, or to learn something new or doing basically how WooCommerce and e-commerce technologies work. Uh, this actually will be definitely interesting. We are going to share some details on how commerce stores can operate and, uh, basically, uh, They do that. You’re going to learn something new, even though, even if you’re not directly involved with WooCommerce or eCommerce.

So, uh, we are talking about to commerce today, but why WooCommerce? Uh, that, that is probably the, uh, first question, uh, new, new commerce to WooCommerce would ask why is it so popular?

Why is it a. Why don’t, why don’t we use something else? Uh, we can have a WooCommerce site and we want to set up, uh, we can work the site and we want to set up a WooCommerce store. Why do we choose WooCommerce instantly? Uh, are there any other, uh, other plugins that’s similar to WooCommerce and actually, yes, they are.

However, you can pretty much see that WooCommerce is a big guy. Uh, takes most the, of the, uh, market. And, uh, you also have Ecwid easy digital downloads, but as you can see, they’re minority here. So you’re mainly going to talk about WooCommerce, however, uh, the, the tools I will show to you are, uh, most of them can be implemented, implemented on Ecwid or easy digital downloads.

So I’m definitely, uh, so that, uh, those, uh, E-commerce stores can be automated that way as well. Now, uh, we are talking about a WooCommerce automation, but we did not answer the main question. Uh, why should they help me? They can’t have a WooCommerce store. I earn money from it. I, uh, I’m, uh, pretty confident about my business and I’m, uh, definitely, uh, I’m definitely happy with how it’s going, but why should they help me?

Uh, I’m not like a big company that needs a major, a majorly solution. I’m not, uh, I don’t have enough money to pay for it and I’m pretty happy with this, with my stats. Why should I help me? Well, uh, even though if you’re not a big company, if you’re a small business, if you’re just starting off, if you have, uh, if you have a, like, Just started your business, uh, of, and you’re working for three months you, you should still automate because if you have aspirations to grow your business or, uh, basically just to have more time to, uh, develop some more interesting stuff and the basically invest your time to do something else, then automation is definitely for you.

And the first topic that is very important is. Uh, how much time we do spend, uh, for updates, you know, a market is changing prices, changing costs are changing, and we need to adjust to that. Uh, our ability to adjust to, uh, To be, to basically adjust to market changes mainly depends on how much time do we need to make changes to our website and, uh, how, uh, how responsive are we to the, to the changes, uh, that that can happen.

Uh, that said there are lots of, uh, things, uh, that. That can go on. You can, uh, change your supply. Uh, you can, uh, you can, uh, find out that, uh, sometimes it’s changed the overnight and the, that your business is not so profitable as it used to be. And you need to adjust to that. Uh, you, you basically need to ensure that you’re always evolved in your, that you’re always involved, uh, with, with the market and that, that, uh, That you can quickly respond to those changes, having manual, uh, updating, uh, manually updating the products can be very tricky and can definitely get to get in your way. So you’re going to definitely needs to find ways to, uh, improve or speed up your work.

Also when you see that your website is working fine on your end, that does not necessarily mean that that’s, that is the same for your customer. Uh, and issue detection can definitely be tricky sometimes, uh, especially if, uh, the issue only targets specific devices or specific customers, for instance, uh, you might be used to, uh, working on Google Chrome uh, and using it as your main web browser. And you’re like, okay, I’m using Google Chrome, it has all the features I have. However, somebody else in the road might still be using Edge browser, even internet Explorer. In some governments, it is still used. And if you cannot get to those customers, if they cannot complete the purchase, post is the CMA you do then you’re basically losing money. Uh, identifying those errors and issues is very important in, uh, making sure that you are putting the best of the few business.

Another topic that is, uh, very, uh, commonly, uh, ignored when you, when you start to WooCommerce business. Uh, his lead management, uh, when you’re having, uh, auto, uh, leads that you need to, uh, to post this somehow WooCommerce by itself is not enough. Uh, Having all the information you need about your customers and your leads is, uh, probably the key, uh, the key factor in, uh, managing those customers and, uh, uh, and the putting the best out of them out of, uh, to basically, uh, ensure that they are going to be engaged gauge within your business. And, uh, that, uh, you can, uh, for instance, quickly spot tissues or find the ways to improve your business, uh, that needs to be a two-way process. So basically you have to always be in touch with your customers in order to ensure that that, uh, you’re going to receive the correct feedback for your specific business.

And, uh, one last thing I already spoke about it, uh, that is, uh, basically managing… let’s see something is off here. Oh yeah. Uh, finally. Okay. So basically, uh, You will try to avoid, uh, manual data transfer at all costs, whenever you can, because, uh, eat when you have lots of, uh, lots of information that you need to enter that can lead to serious issues, errors and of course, you’re going to spend lots of time, uh, or, uh, pay lots of money, uh, hiring employees, that will that will manage, uh, the post of, uh, data entry or, uh, uh, data transfer, uh, which obviously is not, uh, which is, uh, basically you to the business post is that is not the most efficient. That is, uh, pretty much the time that you don’t do not have.

Uh, let’s talk about, uh, the first case of we’ve mentioned, uh, how does it affect a specific, uh, business? Uh, how can we, uh, how can we basically, uh, how can we, uh, see how, uh, how can we see that, uh, that things in, uh, in the world. He’s a real life example, uh, of how that, uh, that can affect the business meet. Um, yeah. Uh, okay. Meet Mary she’s, the website coordinator. And, uh, as you can see, many is, uh, working in a furniture. These are competent. Uh, of course, you know, if you’re working with furniture, you have lots of, uh, You need to be a quota. Uh, you need to, uh, kept connections with the market to adjust to changes in prices shipping, uh, in suppliers, uh, it’s attracting those is I actually can work for a furniture, uh, uh, uh, sales company. So basically. Explains that, that myself and the, this situation, obviously Mary is somebody else. However, I, I had to, I got to experience this situation in, uh, in real life. Uh, okay. So, uh, here’s the problem, her company. Uh, has just found a supplier that has a cheaper prices and the, of course, that is going to make them, uh, competitive, uh, on the market even more.

Uh, they, they, they need to change their supplier. And, uh, so, uh, and as, as a direct consequence of changing supplier, they also need to adjust their prices and. If, you know, uh, adjusted prices, uh, okay. No big deal. I can adjust 10 products. Uh, I don’t need automation. I can type typing myself. Uh, any changes that they have, uh, There is not going to be, uh, th there’s not going to be, uh, any, any like specific, uh, specific issues with that. And I don’t need to really automate the task if I can, uh, do it basically in 15 minutes. However, uh, when you’re running, uh, lots of products and you have lots of variations for those products, essentially, uh, WooCommerce treats those variations and separate products, uh, not entirely. But, uh, if you have like, uh,

I’m going to make an example. If you have chairs that from, uh, different types of food, obviously the pricing is not going to be the same. And, uh, each of those variations have its own prices uh, that needs to be addressed. And the once Mary, uh, calculated how much time will it take to, uh, implement those changes. She found out that, uh, she’s going to need at least eight days since, uh, uh, can stalk has a total of 500 products that need to be adjusted.

If you can multiply that with variations or let’s say. Uh, a channel that has five different types of three. Uh, let’s say, uh, we are shipping this, uh, in, uh, two different sizes and, uh, also in like five different cars. So, uh, five times, five times two equals 50, actually for that prompt product of chair she needs, uh, to, uh, Make changes to 50 profits essentially. And that, that could be really, really time consuming and also extremely boring if you have ever about, uh, this, uh, business.

Uh, web coordinators are very important in making sure that those tasks are, are handled properly and, uh, it is. For WooCommerce developers. Uh, one of, uh, key jobs is to secure that they’re doing their, uh, their pro uh, their process of data entry and, uh, making sure that the story is flexible enough to make changes is one of the key factors of, uh, Uh, basically making sure that, uh, they’re not gonna get, uh, not gonna have any delays or, uh, issues, uh, that can, that can pop up in the process.

The big question we need to answer is how can she get the job done fast? Eight days is a lot, uh, five content products is a lot. If she had like, uh, fivehundred chairs. Obviously that’s going to be, uh, an overkill, but that is, uh, 55,000 products. And obviously that is not humanely possible even for the eight days, uh, that, uh, she calculated.

Uh, however, there are some things that, uh, we can do here to, uh, ensure that Mary’s going to have, uh, her, uh, process improved. And one of the things. Uh, could help her out our bulk edits.

Uh, for bulk editing. Uh, you can have lots of tools available. I have only mentioned some of those tools. So th there is, uh, I think 10 or 15 varied, uh, w WooCommerce, bargains, or other the way to do, uh, WordPress plugin that allow you to, to bulk edit products.

Uh, basically what that means instead of. Opening each product when you need to edit it, uh, at the opening each variation, when you need to make edits, you can, uh, basically, uh, open multiple products and, uh, edit them, uh, uh, at the same time. And once you save, save changes or the changes in pricing for instance will be saved uh, to all of those products. So this is one of the, uh, Cubase you can, uh, use to basically improve, uh, to improve these poses.

Uh, there is, uh, one another way. Uh, if you have lots of products and for instance, uh, supplier sentence, uh, Excel sheet, you can export to the Excel sheet in a CSV file, or you can uh get the next smell file at, uh, uh, also, uh, export, uh, data in, uh, in this, uh, form and, uh, input this data, basically you would replace your products, uh, one-on-one uh, using, uh, using the data, uh, this like, uh, this post is scan, uh, see what’s of time. If you have, uh, if you have a, like a story that has, uh, more than, uh, It comes with products, 1000 products. However, it does come with a, with some downsides because, uh, there are limitations as to which data you can export and how you can import them, especially when it comes to CSV. Uh, Handling images just can sometimes be an issue and, uh, they’re the plenty of factors, uh, that, uh, that can go wrong with, uh, with, uh, importing this, uh, This, uh, uh, amount of products, however, even the, even the wheat, uh, with those side effects, uh, if you able to import crucial data like pricing or, uh, or changes in, uh, but changes, uh, in, uh, shipping or, uh, cars, if you have like products that have different that attributes as well, then.

That can definitely save you lots of time. And, uh, if anything goes wrong, you can, uh, basically, and enter those, uh, the missing information, uh, once you verified that, uh, everything that could be, uh, imported can be actually, uh, is actually imported properly.

Some of the tools you can use, uh, for, uh, For this, uh, uh, basically, uh, yeah, that, that is actually really important for common scan, uh, can, uh, make those changes directly.

Uh, you, you also have, uh, uh, basically you have, uh, the default template system, which can be used to input WooCommerce products, uh, and, uh, you would, uh, and then you’re presented with, uh, with, uh, With the system that to allow you to map fields and to connect everything that can be connected, like dicing the names of products, descriptions, all of the, all the stuff that would take lots time to enter, especially if you’re starting a new. VPO in parties.

I go level up to that. So, uh, about a couple of products is very similar. However, uh, there, there are also many tools that, that you can use, uh, to, uh, to basically complete, uh, complete this task and just drop all the products that you can then replace them with new products from a, uh, from a new vendor, for instance.

And also there is a, another cool feature, uh, that, that you can use. And, uh, that is to actually sync products, uh, from a third party. Uh, for instance, if you’re your supplier is using, uh, Using some third party, uh, third party technology, uh, for listing those products and the ha has it available for, uh, everyone, uh, uh, that that’s, uh, completing, uh, a big, uh, that is actually working in B2C market.

Then, uh, then, uh, syncing products, they actually, from that drink will definitely help you out. And, uh, There are lots of different technologies that can, that you can use. Uh, actually I’m going just to mention a WooCommerce CPI product thing, because, uh, it can be useful even for, uh, the, the smallest, uh, stores. And I’m going to give you a use case. You have like a one store that sells furniture in, for instance, Dallas, uh, another store that sells furniture in Houston. Third store that sells furniture in LA. And, uh, basically all stores look the same, but, uh, they, uh, and, and the show different products from one stock, however, they have a different pricing, different marketing, and, uh, basically, uh, their, their branding is different. Uh, if you need to, uh, if you need to, uh, Update changes, uh, uh, or the one store you need to do that also for the others, unless you have a way to actually propagate those changes directly on our stores. And these two can really help you out, uh, automate IO and some things, more advanced technology center have a in integration systems to basically connect you to a third party services? Uh, I think their, uh, their, uh, integration library, uh, is, uh, filling them with lots of, uh, basically the, the integration library, uh, is expanding every day and some of them even have the, the ability to, uh, expand the. Uh, to basically allow developers to, to add their own libraries for integration with which can be really cool and, uh, can, uh, can save you lots of time. Essentially this so eliminate the post-its of, uh, of, uh, basically, uh, trying to find the different ways of export to give, just connect to the two technologies and you don’t have to write custom apps to. Uh, basically to connect, uh, to connect those two. And, uh, if you say, uh, if for instance, supplier changes, prices. Your, uh, your product pricing can also change that day. You can make a, for instance, if you’re, obviously you want to learn something from that. So, uh, if you want to, uh, amplify the price, uh, that, uh, you can do that automatically. So basically you have a mathematic formula, the, to, uh, do the heavy lifting for you.

Now let’s talk about the second issue. And, uh, that is, uh, the fact that issues can be really tricky to, uh, to detect. Here we have Dan. Dan owns a WooCommerce store and, uh, he sells, uh, office equipment and, uh, things are generally going well. He’s not complaining. He’s a very happy how the things that are going however, after one year of business, Customer calls and, uh, uh, his customer says that, uh, she cannot, uh, add product to cart.

If you had experienced the issue, uh, for instance, then you add to cart and then go to the cart page and cart is empty. Then you know, that it can be really annoying and, uh, uh, can definitely dive state the sales of from a website. Uh, When she speaks with customers to find out how is it possible? He finds out that the customer is using Firefox as their main browser.

Uh, and, uh, obviously, uh, Mo uh, most of Dan’s customers, uh, used Google Chrome. So he was unaware of the issue until a customer reported it. He paid the developer to fix the issue. And once he did that, the sales just went up by 15%. Uh, however, obviously one year is passed. Uh, so we lost 15% of, uh, income for one year. Obviously that’s not a simple math, however, uh, we can definitely see how a simple issue, uh, basically, uh, a stupid issue affected the business grade. Uh, Is there any way we could help Dan , uh, prevent this situation? What could help Dan spot the issue sooner? And the answer to that question is basically do whatever you can. However, don’t rely that. That a specific technology will tell you everything you need to know. So if you do not receive animals, so if you do not, uh, see any, uh, major changes, uh, do not see any major changes, uh, to, uh, for instance, Google analytics results, uh, then, uh, you might still have an issue.

One of the, the, uh, apps that the top, the most efficient of, uh, for using, uh, for improving the overall process is customer behavior monitoring apps. Uh, those apps are, uh, are mainly, uh, Like a specific dashboard in which you’re going to enter and see all your, uh, customers interactions, whether it is a quick stream. Some of those bathrooms also have a recording features so that you can, uh, see, uh, what, what customer was seeing at the, basically it can help you replicate the error that a customer got, uh, Basically when we are working on, uh, when we are working on a WooCommerce stores and whenever we are carrying the product, we are, uh, that, that we use, uh, regularly, we are trying to put, uh, put ourselves in the equation and think of a customer as how would I purchase something and. Sometimes sometimes that, uh, does create, uh, that, that can create lots of issues. Uh, and, uh, we cannot, uh, replicate the purchase process of somebody else. For instance, uh, we might be using a trackpad somebody else might be using a mouse. Uh, we might, uh, be for instance, a solo in cooking things while we have some customers that very fast to complete, but it just builds this, uh, To complete purchase process is faster and, uh, they’re used to quick, faster than us. Uh, they can easily expose issues at break our websites, uh, does a lot actually break the websites, but, uh, they can the PC virus because they are about using the, our WooCommerce, uh, application the way it is intended or the way it is, uh, designed. However, obviously customer is always right. So you need to make sure that you can handle those, uh, those, uh, situations and, uh, be prepared that, uh, your store can work even in the, this, uh, in this situation.

Another way to, uh, easily spot some errors is RD error reporting plugins. Uh, some of the most common error reporting plugins as he’d be all, however, you all slowed that, uh, work. This also has a, uh, reporting that, uh, obviously can be, uh, can be very effective if you have, uh, issue that CA that actually built the website.

However, tracking time, if a EOC get the Iris notices that. Something is wrong or that something is getting deprecated can lead you to additional information, uh, that can, uh, that can basically prevent the issue, uh, before it happens or, uh, if an issue happens. You will be the first to know, uh, you can have, uh, you can have the, uh, L sock that reported in your dashboard, or you can receive emails that are going to, uh, if, if, uh, something went wrong or some of the crucial steps, uh, the purchase process.

Also, uh, another cool feature, uh, another cool tool that you can use, uh, uptime monitor platforms, uh, those plugins you probably use the already, uh, there are lots of them. Uh, Jetpack also has, uh, also has, uh, uptime monitoring system integrated. However, uh, I also used the, I also listed the. These, these three platforms that, uh, I personally had good experience with you, you may, you might use something else. Uh, however, when you have, uh, goes down at the, I’m not going to say if your website goes down because you know, uh, that, uh, eventually it is going to happen, but the question is how, or get the, uh, how, how well are you prepared to handle the issue and fix these. Uh, either the case or you need to be prepared to, uh, make sure that, uh, issues popped at the instantly and that, uh, you’re not going to lose sales because of, uh, uh, because of the issue, uh, here we have, uh, lead management difficulties and, uh, We are going to meet with, uh, I forgot her name. Oh, mic. Yeah. Maggie’s a sales manager of a WooCommerce store that sells office equipment. Uh, oh, sorry guys, yeah, she, uh, and. Basically an embarrassing thing happened. Uh, she, uh, she did make real checks though, but she noticed that a checkout is broken. Something is wrong. She cannot checkout. She cannot, uh, for instance, get access to PayPal.

And, uh, uh, basically, uh, she knows that, uh, whenever you have a, uh, issue of this kind you’re losing sales. And she reacted instantly. I, the developer who fixed the issue, but, uh, uh, she, uh, noticed that, uh, 15 sales have been lost, uh, because 15 customers saw that he reached to the checkout pages, according to analytics, and they did not complete the checkout process.

Now the question we have is. Was there any way to minimize the damage from the worst sales and, uh, there, uh, quite a lot of tools that are very simple to use don’t require any significant, uh, investments, but, uh, can definitely save you, uh, or lots of money if you implement them. Correct.

First of all, If you have a WooCommerce store that sells products, uh, then you also need to have the abandoned cart. Uh, basically, uh, abandoned cart system, uh, is, uh, application basically accepts that is going to capture information that design to the checkout page, uh, before the purchase is, uh, has completely. Uh, if, uh, for instance, that can capture notably if you have an issue, but also in the situations where customers, where there are two, uh, two’s your public and that they change their mind, the public somewhere else, or you can invite them shake, uh, yo you, you still have a product to your cart.

Uh, and, uh, working,

look, utilize this technology. Uh, we. Which is very sad because, uh, the implementation of this technology, uh, basically costs installing, uh, overcast park. Here are some plugins that you can use there are lots of plugins that the, uh, made we used, uh, for abandoned cart. Uh, let’s, let’s say like this, uh, this technology is not foolproof.

You still need to have email address to which, uh, customers will, uh, be doing to complete the checkout process. However, if you can arrange your fields correctly, then you can capture, uh, capture to the purchase information that is needed, like, uh, email addresses or, uh, Th this new information that is, uh, that can be used to recover basically those lost sales.

Another, uh, way to spot tissues would be using a CRM system or, or a similar solution, uh, for lead management here. Some of the popular CRM systems at, uh, I just thought to say those apps a lot strictly CRM systems, because they have up of additional integration tools. Uh, however, what I noticed the most, uh, is that, uh, having a chat integration is very important, uh, to. To basically collect information, uh, from customers, uh, and to reach out to them in case of, uh, in case of issues, uh, therefore, uh, heavy, heavy, the CRM that collects that, uh, that information.

is the key to, uh, notice if there are any problems. And if customer did not have all the old information, you might have said, customer, they’re just going to be a web city area and that you can, the, uh, they actually, uh, correct this information to customer. Uh, they talked to him to see if, uh, uh, to him, for instance, that the, she is fixing the, that, uh, he can complete the checkout posts.

Also, uh, you make, have noticed that, uh, uh, abandoned cart is, uh, uh, Michael, uh, system for, uh, basically a bad guy is also my microsystem for, uh, with the generation, uh, However, uh, you will, you will sometimes need to integrate both of them. So basically both the bad guy in CRM and the, there are some small events solutions that you can use here is called probably some that, uh, I have personally used Rico forever.

Uh, those two solutions I’ve heard very, uh, HubSpot, that guide stack. I’ve heard the odds of. What’s useful information, uh, that can basically help you out and, uh, and, uh, allow you to manage your reads more easily at the Cabo deformations about their bad guides, about, uh, the, uh, purchase bills that has not been completed and to know how to handle that properly.

Finally, we go to a manual date to translate. And for this case, we’re going to meet Gary. Gary has a very successful, uh, online bookstore and the business is going well, actually, so well that it, that, uh, it actually is not going well because, uh, he has two Bob’s customers. Uh, two books are sold. Uh he’s uh, His staff is unable to add to all the changes and the days lots of fill station at the KP workers.

Uh, they’re, they’re leaving their space because of the stress and, uh, that, uh, obviously, uh, although he he’s, uh, he’s always selling, uh, his, uh, his books. Uh, he, he’s not happy because he’s losing valuable customers that, that can the w w he’s using valuable staff at the. And the debt can easily cure business.

Uh, even though it is successful though. And, uh, obviously when you have a lots of manual work, mistakes captured in his case, uh, he sold more books than he has in stock because, uh, somebody basically had a back study to add that case to the best. How can we rectify the. How can we, uh, actually, uh, prevent those mistakes and, uh, uh, overall, uh, how, how else we can save time?

There are a couple of ways I’m not going to say that these ways are exclusive or, uh, that, uh, there are a lot better ways to do that. Uh, you have a lots of cool technologies that you can explore. Uh, first source and the, the cheapest deepest of the Mo is to just to emit stock. There are lots of pockets that you can use to, to weed stock, uh, and those that can be done for WooCommerce directly.

Uh, therefore, uh, I would say if you D if you have lots of stores, then the. Then you will need more, more events to solution, uh, that the emitting stock, therefore you need to, you need to see, uh, what works the best for your business and twos to the topic. So should, uh, other way to basically remediate the process of.

A manual data entry would be automatic updates. Uh, I don’t that many, many companies still use Google sheets for managing stock. Uh, at the via Google sheets is very, very useful as technology, uh, can be expanded, uh, basically, uh, As much as it is evolved using Google script, which is a technology that you can use to write a script that they’re going to, uh, affect, uh, the , uh, table.

Uh, it is not the most efficient way. And, uh, if you have all the folders that that’s going to quickly pile up and become a sole table, that’s going to cash. I know this from. Uh, if you can automate the process of entering golden standard, you can, the, for instance, if you’re already using, uh, uh, ex uh, exosuits, import them to Google sheets and, uh, you can connect that directly to have a cover story.

And the once you make change there, the page is going to propagate. They actually are used for another, uh, another system that. Probably, uh, needs to be spoken more than, than it already is, is a stock management system. Especially if you have multiple stores, uh, there are lots of, uh, stock beds with systems.

Some of them are completely feed. Some of them are paid. Uh, my personal advice regarding that is five to what best works for your business. Start small and then go big. Now he agreed to talk about advanced automation. Uh, and yes, this is where developers come into play. Uh, colleagues will probably staple to be, uh, be customized, uh, using different technologies.

Well, recovers is a very, very flexible in that guide has multiple fixed features, uh, that can be used. We’ll call the subject is, uh, One of the easy methods to collect the data. If you’re there, they actually, from a working from a workplace environment. And for instance, you have a custom parking that you need to, uh, for which you need to pull the data.

Uh, we’ll cover a subject is very useful, uh, as. W, uh, as long as you have a WooCommerce pocket active, that you can pull the data that is stored in the object. A rest API is, uh, probably underused in the circumstances, but it is, uh, one of the fastest ways, ways to pull data from. Uh, what the swept state, uh, if you have a rest API connection, then you can make us API requests to, to pull the data that is, uh, that is needed.

So, so to these data, uh, any way you want, uh, using, uh, the cusp of technology, are you using at the, you you’re basically, uh, you basically see the limits in the, in terms of, uh, technology. So Gabby going with you, see you. Uh, you also can, uh, manage your, uh, your tasks using, uh, uh, WP, uh, CRI, which is a, basically a shared application, which allows you to put the, if you use the T you know, what I’m talking about, but it’s a shallow application used to, uh, to automate some of the tasks and basically to, uh, Uh, make to, to work with them as if you’re a Linux system administrator.

So if you like command lines that the school, uh, also, uh, jobs and web hooks are useful com jobs, because if you can schedule tasks, you can, uh, you can, uh, write the contract that is going to complete that task, uh, at specific periods of time. Web hooks are made useful. If you need to pull data from another technology, do you need the, basically a point for which you can, you can do that.

If you’re, if you’re a specific third party providers, it has the ability to, to pull data for vocables that you may, uh, you may need to use that for. Uh, other than, uh, the technologist that they most used, uh, they’re also dedicated to covering cyber is a beta on the

to the official, correct me if I’m wrong, but, uh, there are also many more libraries that. Community, uh, basically councils to libraries, uh, created by community, uh, that can also be implemented. And also as a developer, I always have to, uh, but if you can, uh, resources to do that, that if you have, uh, ways to do that, always create the custom source called customized.

The customer is the source of that is going to be best suited for your business. Uh, and, uh, and, uh, probably the, the, the fastest way to, to pull data would be to use the custom source, uh, that, that you can, the, that you can modify per your personal needs, especially if those needs change. And if you’re using a custom solution, actually not only custom source with the 30 other solution, mind security and the data protection, uh, because sometimes, uh, when you, you need, uh, I’m, I’m actually encouraging you to, to check your, uh, local legislation to see if any of the technologies you’re using some colleagues, iwi go in your countries.

In most cases, it’s five because the car is wide spread, especially the webs that the, uh, that the publicly available. However, we go advice is a absolute, absolute must in this case. And, uh, I just thought to image about the basics, make sure that you keep your workers’ comp up to date pockets teams. And, uh, and so that your story is protected, that, uh, that is secure, uh, most of Marvel infections that get the debit, your website are, uh, of course by a cop that is out of date.

I only to overuse the WooCommerce pockets that can pile up at that, uh, that can, uh, Kate performance issues also make sure that you . Yeah. Uh, not getting tripped on your hosting server. Find the server that is going to, uh, be able to support all the old you have, uh, all the world, uh, that, uh, your customers may, uh, make the eight on it.

Optimize your e-commerce store, uh, use, uh, tools like geomatics or Google page page to find the ways to optimize your. As I already mentioned, the legislation needs to be top of your mind. There are some pockets that can also help you with that as you can see, but, uh, I do still advise you to, uh, talk to, uh, your legal advisor at the, see if you’re in compliance that you have the local, uh, regulations.

And the most important thing, uh, as somebody who works in the tech supported to see, I can say that scheduled backups save lives trust me on my word.

Michelle Frechette: At least they save websites. Right?

Dan Maby: Absolutely.

And I’m afraid we were going to, unfortunately, to wrap up, we are rapidly running out of time. Um, did you have a quick two minutes summary before you, uh, before we take off your slides.

Andrija Radojev: Yeah. Yeah. Uh, actually that is my last slide. So a lot of our key takeaways, I’m going to split it up basically.

We’re faster time to, uh, try to find ways to improve the business process, uh, automate crucial tasks. Correct. Quite though deformation, you need to. Uh, adaptive, uh, social style preferences, and obviously the resources, the budget you have start small, uh, that the go big, uh, and, uh, obviously, uh, issues and ensure you’re is up to date. My, my final advice is, uh, always try to think for the future. And you’re going to thank yourself for.

Dan Maby: A great piece of advice to end on there. Thank you. Thank you very much. Uh, clearly an enormous subject and obviously a lot that can be covered across this. So really appreciate you, uh, giving the time and bringing that, bringing that session to us here at WordPress live.

Um, unfortunately,

Michelle Frechette: Okay. So Maya says that you’re going to be at my essence, you’ll be over in the GoDaddy pro table. So if people do want to continue the conversation and have questions for you, they’re going to look for you over there. We really appreciate the time that you’ve given us today.

Andrija Radojev: Thanks guys. Sorry if I was a bit nervous. Uh it’s like, uh, it does good, you know, Continuous side that I wanted to cover lots of topics. So I apologize if I made something like a, you know, uh, if something was not clean, I will be happy to answer all the questions either book. Yeah.

Dan Maby: Excellent. So if you are, if you have, if you do have questions, head over to the community tent to jump onto the GoDaddy pro table, uh, and the can continue the conversation about.

Michelle Frechette: Absolutely. In addition to thanking our sponsors, I do want to just point out other things happening in the community tent to the next hour Cloudways has their WP builds tent takeover with Nathan Wrigley, GoDaddy Pro are going to be running a panel on the WooCommerce automation again with Andrija.

And Yoast are running games with a Yoasters. We’d love your support. Hit that donation button, but it’s part of the menu on here. We’d love to have you be part of the solution of helping us reduce the feelings of isolation in a remote community. And at the top of the hour, which is rapidly approaching, uh, we are going to be meeting with Samuel Femi Taiwa as he is presenting on dealing with epilepsy and mental disorders in the tech space community.

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