The festival of WordPress
January 22, 2021

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WordFest Live 2021 Schedule

WordFest Live 2021 will feature 48 sessions, held over 24 hours, across four different stages.  Select the session you want to catch up with below. The recorded video for each session is available at the top of each session page.

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12:00am02 WordPress for a Complete Business SolutionThere’s a tool out there for everything. Some provide all-in-one services, some do one thing …Danielle Zarcaro
6:00pm20 Your Business Building SuperpowerHow you can overcome that nagging inner voice that wants to hold you back from …Matt Medeiros
5:00pm19 Note to My Younger Self: What I Wish I Had Known as a Junior DevGrowing representation in tech means supporting each other in leveling up in our careers. We’ll …Fatima Sarah Khalid
2:00pm16 to Have a Human Connection in a Covid-19 World: 2021 Edition2020 wasn’t like anything we’ve experienced in modern days. The landscape has changed. How we …Mike Demo
1:00pm15 SEOWordPress out of the box is really SEO-friendly. Add an awesome SEO plugin (like Yoast …Marieke van de Rakt
12:00pm14 to Hire Your First Remote WorkerYou know you need to hire someone, you’re drowning in work and need to start …Mike Killen
11:00am13 Are All Human. Design Better Experiences with Empathy and EmotionsWe are living in extraordinary times, and one thing that’s come out very clearly out …Piccia Neri
10:00am12 the Shift from Office to WFH at StratticEmbracing the Shift from Office to WFH at Strattic Until March 2020 Strattic was …Miriam Schwab
8:00am10 I Started My Business During a PandemicIn February 2020, I was laid off from my job after almost two years. I …Shanta R Nathwani
7:00am09 WordPress the Hard WayIn this talk, I will be sharing the real grease on updating a WordPress site …Akshat Choudhary
6:00am08 Coach for SuccessWe need coaches and sometimes we need to self coach. This talk is about the …Masni Mustafa
5:00am07 Progressive Web Apps for WordPress?Progressive Web App is a hot topic on the web right now. As per recent …Imran Sayed
4:00am06 2020 Killed Your Spirit Too? Same. Want To Know Why?“Hey, how ya doin’?” Anyone else cringe when this question was asked in the chaotic …tracy apps
3:00am05 Sucks!We all love WordPress, but if we’re honest with ourselves, we know that it’s not …Cameron Jones
2:00am04 the WordPress Editor with Block PatternsThe WordPress block editor provides opportunities for creating complex content for WordPress posts and pages. …Daisy Olsen
1:00am03 Modeling for WordPressContent is still king. It should always come first. So, before you do the famous …Larry Swanson
11:00pm01 By HelpingA website consultants’ framework for running successful sales meetings. Learn how to ethically convert more …Nick Gulic
7:00pm21 to the Community and Your New CareerWordPress is software and a whole community of people. As a community, we have the …Courtney A. Robertson
8:00pm22 Study: Make WordPress Accessible for EveryoneEach fall, Austin-based Knowbility holds a competition for teams from around the world and tasks …Joe A. Simpson, Jr.
9:00pm23 Study: A #Nocode Contributor Journey on the WordPress Gutenberg Github RepoWays a non-developer can contribute via the GitHub repository. Example: WordPress Gutenberg. Learn some lingo, …Birgit Pauli-Haack
10:00pm24 Access to Content – a Review of Your OptionsIt’s not just a course. It’s not just a membership site. What WordPress gives you …Chris Lema
4:00pm18 to Internationalize Your eCommerce StoreLearn how to overcome your ecommerce store internationalization challenges. We’ll review the best practices to …Thomas Fanchin
TimeIDView in your local timeTitleDescriptionSpeaker
12:00am25 to Sell Your Services and Add Value to Your ClientsRetaining Web Design and SEO Clients Through Process and Communication Retaining clients can be tricky, …Jamie Hill
1:00am26 Theme Layout with Gantry 5Create custom designs quickly using the flexible and open source Gantry framework. Starting with the …Robbie Adair
6:00am27 to… Know if I’ve Been HackedThe most 3 typical questions that people ask me when they realize that I work …Nestor Angulo Ugarte
7:00am28 Learning for the WordPress CommunityIn response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the WordPress Community Team began to explore new ways …Angela Jin
12:00pm29 Most Popular Recommendations to Speed Up Your Website that Don’t WorkIf you ever googled anything related to “how to speed up a website” you probably …Sabrina Zeidan
1:00pm30 How Do I Know if My WordPress Website Is Accessible?There are many resources available to help designers, developers and content authors create accessible websites. …Graham Armfield
6:00pm31 Is a Moving TargetDespite our best efforts, it’s difficult to future proof a website for accessibility standards. Your …AmyJune Hineline
7:00pm32 Yoga for Remote WorkersThis session will offer attendees an opportunity to connect to their body through movement and …Amanda Gorman
TimeIDView in your local timeTitleDescriptionSpeaker
2:00am33 Good Thing IsDo you know how sometimes there’s that voice in your head, the one that’s like …Simon Kelly
3:00am34 with Online FormsDuring a global pandemic, learn how industries around the world turned to online forms to …Naomi C. Bush
8:00am35 WordPress Workflows from ScratchThis presentation is about how to automate things with WordPress and to use WordPress at …Arun Bansal
9:00am36 to Be a Tech Support WarriorThe most tricky side of the product or a company is tackling technical support and …Nidhi Jain
2:00pm37 More Clients by Sharing Your StoryAs digital agency owners it’s easy to hide behind fancy graphics and techie talk across …Nicole Osborne
3:00pm38 to the GraphQL API for WordPressThe GraphQL API for WordPress is a brand-new WordPress plugin which which enables access to …Leonardo Losoviz
8:00pm39 Importance of Inclusivity in Content CreationAs creators, we have a responsibility – no, an obligation – to create content that …Camber Clemence
9:00pm40 My Dear Aunt Sally: ADHD Coping Mechanisms at WorkFor 48 years I struggled with getting important things done on time, finding my keys, …Chris Ford
TimeIDView in your local timeTitleDescriptionSpeaker
11:00pm41 Ways to Build Rest and Health Into Your Employees’ WorkflowMental health in the workplace is vital to the longevity of your organization. Encouraging mental …Matt Cromwell
4:00am42 5 Star Website Experiences for ClientsA workshop on how to change the website experience for clients by bringing in elements …Anchen Le Roux
5:00am43 and Thriving Despite ClientzillaNot every client turns out to be a joy to work with. Some are difficult, …Topher DeRosia
10:00am44 in Our Communications and Engagement in a World of Increased Remote WorkingThe world of work continues to react, adjust and adapt to the consequences of the …Abha Thakor
11:00am45 Sustainability: What It Is and How You Can HelpThis talk is an introduction into digital sustainability, explaining how your website creates a carbon …Chris Butterworth
4:00pm46 Journalism Can Teach You About Good ContentWhat do five wives and one husband have to do with good content? In this …Cinthya Anand
5:00pm47 Your One Stop Shop for PodcastingPodcasting is growing more each day, and there are lots and lots of tools emerging …Joe Casabona
10:00pm48 in 10 Minutes or LessYou wake up for your day and look at your calendar. You already feel behind …Lindsey Miller