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January 22, 2021

This is an archive of the January 2021 event

Amanda Gorman

Amanda Gorman

Amanda Gorman helps nonprofits and wellness-based businesses build thriving online communities. As a Customer Success Manager at GiveWP she works diligently each day to assist nonprofits in growing their communities and receiving more donations online to make a bigger impact in the world. As an SEO consultant, Amanda is passionate about tending to the internet like a gardener would tend to their garden, so it can become a safe and fun place to connect again.

Amanda is a yoga instructor and co-owner of the online yoga studio Now: Yoga & Movement. She teaches private and group classes that focus on a variety of movement modalities and breathing techniques. Her goal is to help people get into their body and develop a deeper connection with themselves and their world.

Amanda is in love with her husband Casey, her son Ronan, her nephew Jackson, and their dog Topanga whom all live together in Rochester, New York.

Speaker at WordCamp Raleigh May 2018
Speaker at WordCamp Buffalo May 2018
Speaker at WordCamp Rochester October 2018

Stage: GoDaddy Pro Stage

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