The festival of WordPress
January 22, 2021

This is an archive of the January 2021 event

Abha Thakor

Abha Thakor

Abha Thakor has been a communications professional for more than 25 years. She initially worked as a newsprint and online journalist and editor before becoming deeply interested in the emerging potential of technology in communications. Inspired by this, she has played instrumental roles in online communications in a variety of sectors and pioneering, cross-cultural environments. She has worked as director of communications, research and engagement leader, and brings together tech and non-technical groups from different backgrounds. She has a particular interest in tech and disability, and campaigns to improve understanding.

She gives time to support both tech inclusion and the WordPress community. She is a Global Marketing Team Rep, a mentor, a Translation Day and WordCamp organiser including WordCamp Europe and London, and is an active contributor to many working teams, and the release squad. She also speaks at WordPress, tech conferences, communications and management conferences and trains teams in inter-cultural communications and working with new tech. She was recently made a Fellow of the international Chartered Institute of Public Relations in recognition of her contribution to the profession, support for development and training, and bridging communications and IT.

Twitter: @NonStopNewsUK

Stage: BOH Stage

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