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March 4th 2022
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This post relates to WordFest Live, January 2021.
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The Fun Doesn’t Happen Without You: Volunteer For WordFest Live Today

Among many benefits of volunteering aside from giving back to the community is the feeling of satisfaction with your participation. WordFest being a celebration of the community, and the Festival of WordPress, it is our volunteers who contributed to the success of the event. 

Now, you can be a part of our global fun from the inside! Register now to fill one of our many, varied roles. From emceeing in front of the camera to making the tech magic happen behind a computer, we’ve roles to fit every skill set. 

To learn more about the roles, head to the Call for Volunteers page. To understand more about why we need volunteers and an introduction to our volunteer team, read on.

Why does a virtual event need volunteers?

That’s a great question. Although the event is virtual and the need for support isn’t quite at the same level as it would be for a physical in-person event, there are still plenty of roles to fill.  

Why volunteers and not paid team members?

Another great question. WordFest Live has no paid team members. 

As it is being delivered by Big Orange Heart, a registered charity that relies on the generosity of people donating their time. Everyone working on the project is volunteering their time.

All funds raised through sponsorship and donations through the event are being dedicated to the further delivery of free well-being and mental health support for the remote working community. 

What help do we need?

Some of the roles we’re looking for are Emcees, Green Room Monitors, Community Moderators, Communications, Operations, and A/V Producers. 

Our Call for Volunteers page has more detailed descriptions to help guide you to a good fit and enable us to deliver a safe, friendly and welcoming event for our community. 

What kind of commitment are we looking for?

The event will be divided into 6 segments: Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, and North America. We’ll spend 4 hours in each region and we are asking for a minimum commitment of one region per volunteer

Are there any perks to being a volunteer?

The greatest thing you’ll walk away with is a massive sense of achievement in being part of WordFest Live in the making, but we won’t leave it at that. You’ll be featured in the official volunteers page, be given a lovely virtual ‘volunteer’ badge in your profile, to highlight your support. 

And we’ll also provide you with a very limited special edition gift from the Big Orange Heart team.  

We hope you choose to join us on July 23 as part of the WordFest Live team!!

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