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July 23, 2021

WordFest Live 2021 Speakers - Batch #5

And the Fun Rolls on With Our Fifth Round of Speakers For WordFest Live 2021!!

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to our fifth round of speakers. What an incredible lineup of WordPress community members, and there’s still one more announcement to come on 21 December, 2020.

WordFest Live 2021 Speakers

Celebrate with us our fifth of six rounds of speakers (left to right, starting in the top left): 

Simon Kelly, Naomi C. Bush, Arun Bansal, Nidhi Jain, Nicole Osborne, Leonardo Losoviz, Camber Clemence and Chris Ford.

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And speaking of grabbing a spot, there are still a few opportunities available to be a sponsor. Head over to the Call for Sponsors page and grab yours now before they’re all gone.

Working with a smaller budget, but still want to make an impact? We’ve got you covered. Micro sponsorships are a great way to get noticed and do a little more to support the well-being of the remote working community.

Can’t wait to see you at WordFest Live 2021!!!

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